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Welcome to Waterfront Solutions of Mississippi, LLC.

Intelligent Solutions, Practical Designs, Protecting your Investment.

WFS specializes in creating value based solutions to a unrelenting adversary, nature.  We’re committed to not only providing quality products and services, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied.

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More About Waterfront Solutions of Mississippi, LLC.

As a liscened and bonded contractor, I have had the opportunity to demolish and rebuild many different types of structures over the past 20 years.  Seawalls and other types of shoreline structures are under constant assault from all many types of rot and erosion.  

We are committed to providing practical solutions for our clients to protect their most valuable investments.  We never stop learning and improving.  Contact Waterfront Solutions of Mississippi, LLC. today to see what Solutions we can provide for you.

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Waterfront Solutions of Mississippi, LLC. Services

Providing Solutions to Central Mississippi



Long term Solutions
Elegant designs
Resilient Construction

Accudock Floating Docks

Family owned, Made in the USA, Innovative designs to provide, you, Waterfront solutions.

Boats and Paddle Sport Docks

Simple elegant designs to enhance your lifestyle.

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Maintenance is the best plan!

Seawalls have a significant responsibility to the structural integrity of your most valued possession, your house and land.  A little maintenance now will save you major money in the future.


Preliminary Inspection


The Internal Structure



Seawall at the opening of the marina at Arbor Landing.

This wall is very close to the wall that had the major blowout shown in the pictures on the section above on this website.  Fortunately for the home owner the integrity of the vinyl pilons was not compromised.  However, the structural condition of the seawall was very close to giving way to significant damage.

The Bones and Muscle of the Seawall

The most important part of the seawall is its' construction.  Many walls that are built, are put together incorrectly or have used materials that are not as durable as they need to be.  WFS prides itself on using the best materials and most importantly, always working on new and improved ways to construct the "perfect" seawall.

A wall to stand the tests of time.

After replacing the front and back wales, and restructuring the tiebacks so that they support the seawall correctly.  The result is both aesthetically improved, but more importantly, structurally superior at a fraction of the cost of replacing even 1 single vinyl pilon or post.

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Contact us and we will bring the Solutions to you!

David Graves, Owner
Jeff Quick, Owner

118 Winter Teal Place Madison, MS 39110


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